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About Youth Homes

General Information

Youth Homes, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to serving the needs of abused and neglected children and adolescents in California's San Francisco Bay Area. We provide intensive residential treatment programs and community-based counseling services that promote the healing process for seriously emotionally abused and traumatized children and adolescents.

Agency Goals

Our goal is to reunify families, whenever possible. And, our support systems and counseling services actively involve families in creating their own success. For some children, it's just not possible, or at least—not in the immediate future. So, we focus on creating the warmest, healthiest, most supportive alternatives we can—either in one of our residences, with a healthy family member or with a foster family. Young people need to be smart, need to be lifelong learners to flourish in a complex world. So, we focus on academic success and preparation for higher education and the world of work. Whatever it takes—a tutor, extra homework help, assistance in filling out a college application or financial aid form—with help from our volunteers and supporters, Youth Homes gets it done.

Our Mission Statement

Youth Homes provides a safe place for foster youth to heal and grow.


Founded in 1965 by citizens concerned that troubled youth were consigned to the criminal justice system, Youth Homes has assisted thousands of children. We began by providing group homes with in-home counseling. We are the oldest, continually operating children’s residential program in Contra Costa County. Faced with new challenges, public agencies turned to us to create new and innovative programs to serve foster children in emergency situations. Today, we provide a comprehensive system of care—we assist traumatized youth through crisis shelters, private foster home placement, group homes and community based behavioral counseling, which helps prevent out-of-home placement.


  1. Who do we serve?
    We serve traumatized foster children and adolescents throughout the Bay Area who have been removed from their homes by the Superior Court for their own protection. Youth Homes’ children are served in our emergency shelters, residential treatment homes, private foster home placement and community-based counseling. Youth in our residential houses come to us at all hours of the day and night-we provide care 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.
  2. What services do we provide?
    We serve youth in our two Crisis Assessment homes and two Intensive Residential treatment homes. In addition, children placed with foster families, those at risk of being removed from their families, and young adults recently aged-out of foster care are helped by the professional staff at Youth Homes.
  3. What are the ages of the children we serve?
    Our children are usually between the ages of 12-17, but we have had children in our homes as young as six years old.
  4. How long do the children stay with us?
    At our crisis shelters, the average stay is 90-days or less. At our three residential treatment homes, the length of stay can vary between 6-18 months.
  5. Where are your homes?
    While headquartered in Pleasant Hill, we have two homes in Concord, one in Pleasant Hill and one in Lafayette.
  6. How many people did we help last year?
    In 2013, Youth Homes touched the lives of over 600 children and their families.
  7. Where does our money come from?
    In Fiscal year 2012/2013:
    • 87% came from state and local government agencies
    • 13% came from private donations, grants and bequests
  8. What is the breakdown of our expenses?
    In Fiscal year 2012/2013:
    • 79% was spent on programs directly serving our children
    • 16% went to governance & administration
    • 5% supported our fundraising efforts
  9. Who do we partner with?
    Youth Homes is an integral part of the Contra Costa County system of care, partnering with county Children & Family Services, the Superior Court, the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, the Probation Department, County Mental Health Services, CASA (court-appointed special advocates), other non-profit service providers, and a host of community volunteers.
  10. Are we an accredited agency?
    Youth Homes is proud to be accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA), as well as having all our programs licensed by California Department of Social Services County Care Licensing. In addition, Youth Homes was awarded a four-year accreditation by the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, one of only two foster care home providers in Contra Costa County that are accredited by this agency.
  11. Who is on your Board of Directors?
    Our Board of Directors consists of highly respected community leaders. Click here to link to our Board directory.

Who We Serve

In 2013, an estimated 58,000 children lived in foster homes in the state of California. When the courts move a child from his/her home due to abuse or neglect, the child welfare system places that child in a foster care home, preferable with relatives. When a safe environment cannot be found among relatives, children enter non-kin foster homes or group homes. The long-term goal is safe reunification with parents or another permanent plan, such as adoption.

Youth Homes assists traumatized youth via emergency shelters, private foster home placement, group homes, and community based counseling. We work to find a kinship or foster family to make a long-term commitment to each child. Youth 17-20 leaving our care receive ongoing counseling via Aftercare™ Services. Mentor Program volunteers provide reliable adult connections for residential and emancipated clients.